The scents of summer..

Sumptuous summery notes abound in our luxury perfumed candles. Revel with red roses in Ischia, luxuriate with frangipani in Langkawi and find calmness and tranquillity with earthy vetiver in Haputale.  

Perfectly scented candles made with love and care in England.


The scented candle collection

Langkawi by Crosskey Avenue | a scented candle

Inspired by Malaysia’s tropical island paradise. Heavenly frangipani combines with milky coconut, fresh lemongrass and sturdy sandalwood to create this irresistibly luxurious fragrance.  


Ischia by Crosskey Avenue | a scented candle

Lemon groves flourish on hillside terraces bursting with intoxicating citrus scent. We’ve combined Ischia lemons with the sweet perfume of freshly cut red roses in this luxurious fragrance full of abundance.


Haputale by Crosskey Avenue | a scented candle

The scent of blue water lily, bergamot and chamomile in this precious fragrance evoking the wonderous tea growing Hill Country region of Sri Lanka. Reminds us of sipping warm tea on the terrace.


Let’s journey the world through fragrance

Delight in a unique collection of soy-blend perfumed candles inspired by your love of travel, nature and horticulture.  

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Our journey to sustainable luxury

Our beautiful candles are plastic free and packaging is 100% recyclable made using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified cardboard.

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What our customers are saying

I bought the Ischia candle. The scent is divine! You can really smell the zesty and floral fragrances; it helps me unwind and bask in the glow of candlelight at night. Couldn't recommend the candle highly enough. Great purchase, am v. happy. 

Laura Chan, London

These candles last ages, are a lovely clean burn and smell absolutely heavenly! I love that they are made with minimal and sustainable materials, although that takes nothing from the luxurious quality of them. I will absolutely be getting my hands on more!

Keeva Kavanagh, Galway

The Haputale candle is fantastic, it was a present for my wife and she loves it. Easy purchasing process and very swift delivery

Doug Chapman, West Sussex

Experience the collection

Enjoy the fragrance trinity…

No.1 Floral, citrusy, Mediterranean ISCHIA

No.2 Spicy, sweet and woody HAPUTALE

No.3 Tropical, blossoming and sultry LANGKAWI