Luxury Langkawi for Mother's Day

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Ischia by Crosskey Avenue | a scented candle

Where lemon groves flourish on rows of hillside terraces bursting with intoxicating citrus scent. We’ve combined Ischia lemons with the sweet perfume of freshly cut red roses in this luxurious fragrance full of abundance.


Haputale by Crosskey Avenue | a scented candle

Breathe in the scent of blue water lily, bergamot and chamomile in this precious fragrance evoking the wonderous tea growing Hill Country region of Sri Lanka. Reminds us of sipping warm tea on the terrace.


Langkawi by Crosskey Avenue | a scented candle

Inspired by the relaxing scents of Malaysia’s tropical island paradise. Heavenly frangipani combines with milky coconut, fresh lemongrass and sturdy sandalwood to create this irresistibly luxurious fragrance.