Ischia by Crosskey Avenue single wick candle displayed alongside embossed box packaging displaying the name and logo
Ischia by Crosskey Avenue box packaging at high angle displaying the name, description and logo
Ischia by Crosskey Avenue single wick candle displayed alongside embossed box packaging displaying the name and logo
Ischia by Crosskey Avenue single wick candle
Ischia by Crosskey Avenue single wick candle alight displayed alongside embossed box packaging displaying the name and logo
Ischia by Crosskey Avenue box packaging displaying the name and logo

Ischia by Crosskey Avenue | a scented candle

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Floral –  Citrusy – Mediterranean

 Experience 'La dolce vita' with the ISCHIA candle

Take a deep breath and let the Ischia scented candle carry you off to a sun kissed Italian island at the pinnacle of summer. Uplifting happy holiday vibes full of charm flourish when you light the Ischia candle, helping you escape the everyday with its citrusy, floral and Mediterranean fragrance.

Inspired by its namesake, where lemon groves flourish on hillsides bursting with intoxicating citrus scent. We’ve combined Ischia lemons with the sweet perfume of freshly cut Italian red roses in this luxurious fragrance full of abundance. Inspired by summer getaways to the fertile volcanic Italian island of Ischia, this zesty yet floral fragrance mixes with notes of tomato leaf and Mediterranean cypress.

Perfume notes:

A photo of two lemons on a tree

Lemon: Sunshine bottled, sweet, zesty and uplifting. Lemons are abundant on Ischia and play a vital role in all aspects of island life.

Tomatoes on the vine

Tomato leaf: The unmistakeable fragrance of tomato leaf, bittersweet, green and fresh.

A single red rose

Red rose: A symbol of passion and love in Italy, with a powdery floral lemony fragrance. The king of flowers!

Jasmine white flower petals

Jasmine: Simply known as ‘The Flower’ in the perfume world, sweetly floral and musky, Jasmine pairs perfectly with our Italian Red Rose and Lemon.

Italian cypress tree

Cypress: Cupressus sempervirens, synonymous with Italy, a woody earthy fragrance which adds a sharp hit to our Ischia perfume.

Rosemary herb in flower

Rosemary: Warm, woody, aromatic and a favourite in every herb garden across Italy and beyond.

 The Perfumer says:

"Ischia is a small volcanic island in the Bay of Naples, Capri’s lesser known neighbour, but its this under the radar status that gives the place its charm. A short ferry ride from the bustling chaos of the Porto di Napoli and you’ll be ready to disembark at the picturesque Ischia Porto with its charming laid back vibe. With its abundant number of volcanic hot-springs, the island is a spa mecca. After a day soaking in the therapeutic waters of one of the open air therme resorts you’ll feel utterly blissed out.

"Everywhere you look in Ischia are lemon trees full of ripe fruits ready to be picked and turned into something delicious, this coupled with the island’s rich volcanic soil make horticulture and agriculture rewarding. The famous Giardini la Mortella is testament to this fact, and with its lush collection of tropical and Mediterranean plants and sweeping views its one of my favourite places on Ischia.

"Uplifting, zesty and floral, the Ischia perfume with lemon, floral rose and jasmine, fresh tomato leaf, aromatic rosemary and earthy cypress perfectly encapsulates this beautiful Italian island."

Howard Crosskey, Founder and Perfumer


  • Our perfumes are meticulously developed over 100s of hours spent at our perfumers organ to ensure we achieve the exact fragrance we desire. Once the perfume is ready, in our London test kitchen, our candle recipes are perfected to ensure we’ve created the perfect scented candle.
  • Following 100s more hours of testing, each candle is produced with the upmost care at our Liverpool based Chandlers who have a proud pedigree going back 130 years. At Crosskey Avenue we are delighted to be combining modern vibrant perfumes with traditional candle making techniques to create our unique scented candles.    
  • We use a soy-blend wax in our Ischia candles, this mixture of soy wax and mineral wax ensures we capture the best of both waxes. The soy gives us a nice clean slow burn and the mineral ensures an efficient fragrance throw allowing the perfume to disperse more widely as the candle burns
  • Each Ischia by Crosskey Avenue candle is wrapped in minimalist matt white glass. We chose this glass because it gives off a warm sensuous relaxing glow as the candle burns and the matt white means it looks great in any situation.
  • The Ischia candle is presented in a beautiful gifting box embossed with the signature Crosskey Avenue keyholes. Made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified cardboard mix and completely plastic free, we designed our packaging to be fully kerbside recyclable, so we opted out of fancy hot foiling and other design elements which make it impossible for the cardboard to be recycled by most councils in the UK.


"Ischia is sweetly aromatic without being pervasive or overwhelming" - Read more about what The British Beauty Blogger Jane Cunningham had to say about our the Ischia candle.