Our journey to sustainable luxury

Luxury shouldn’t cost us the earth, and it shouldn’t just be reserved for a special day. At Crosskey Avenue we believe in everyday sustainable luxury. We are committed to using the highest quality ingredients from responsible sources and making sure we have the smallest possible footprint on Mother Earth.


We’ve had sustainability front and centre since our inception earlier this year. Take for example our first products on the market, our luxury scented candles. We’ve ensured our candles are made in England and contain the highest quality soy blended wax, using oil from soy grown responsibly in the EU. Our glass vessels are recyclable or after a wash can be repurposed around the house (we are growing succulent house plants in ours!). Our beautiful candle packaging is 100% recyclable and is made using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified cardboard.

In the future as we grow responsibly, we are committed to using recyclable and recycled materials in all our packaging and responsibly sourced ingredients in all our products.  

Luxury can be sustainable and we aim to show the world how.