Our story so far...

Welcome to Crosskey Avenue, a boutique perfume house based out of Beckenham, in South East London. We are obsessive about fragrances and the transformative energy they can evoke in all of us. A fragrance can make us feel sexy, reflective, focused, even emotional… and that’s just in one spritz! We are fascinated by its ability to impact how we feel, see and experience life and the world around us. It’s this curiosity and passion that drives us to create and have fun with fragrances everyday.

Inspired by a lifetime spent discovering and experimenting with perfume, alongside an ever growing love of nature and horticulture, Crosskey Avenue founder, Howard Crosskey set up the business from his spare room during the summer of 2020. Like many of us, the global pandemic and family bereavements prompted Howard to revaluate his priorities and lifestyle, so instead of business as usual, he took a new and exciting path to share his perfumes with the world. Crosskey Avenue allows Howard to focus on his talent for perfumery and realise his long held desire to share his beautiful, evocative perfumes with the world.   

Travel, nature and the world of horticulture are key elements of each perfume created at Crosskey Avenue. At a time when international travel remains restricted, our debut collection of scented candles takes our customers around the world with mesmerising home fragrances inspired by desirable international settings including Ischia in Italy, Langkawi in Malaysia and Haputale in Sri Lanka. Plans to expand the candle collection are ongoing, with new exhilarating destination fragrances in the works alongside other exciting innovations.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our small outfit and ambitions for the future. As a small independent business just starting out, your support means everything to us. Howard and his current co-workers, Binky and Bridget the French Bulldogs* are hard at work fulfilling orders, creating new perfumes and aiming to delight each and everyone of our treasured customers. We hope you feel the passion, curiosity and travel inspiration in each of our soy-blend perfumed candles.

Love and candlelight,

Howard x

* Binky and Bridget are adorable and great company but are zero help around the office!

PS - Keep visiting us for updates and check out our blog as we chart our start-up journey sharing our perfumed creations with the world.