Our story

Welcome to Crosskey Avenue, we are an upstart boutique perfume house based out of London, England. We are passionate about perfume and its transformative power to take us, momentarily, back in time to a significant memory or feeling. We are fascinated by its power to effect how we feel, see and experience life.  

Our travels around the world have taken us to many remarkable destinations, from tropical islands in Malaysia to wind swept cliff tops in Ireland, each location has left its mark on us.

Now inspired by our travels, mother nature and the world of horticulture, we’ve created an exclusive collection of compelling perfumes to bring pleasure to the senses and a touch of everyday luxury into your life.

Established during the summer of 2020, our founder Howard Crosskey had up until then worked in PR and communications, initially in the UK creative industries sector and then for an international consumer goods business. A series of family bereavements and the devastating Covid-19 pandemic gave Howard pause for thought, helping him to revaluate and change his path to focus on his passions and a desire to share his perfumes with the world.

Our journey has just begun, we launched in December 2020 with our first collection of fragranced candles, each inspired by a global destination that left its mark on us.

Keep visiting us for updates on our start-up journey and as we share our perfumed creations with the world.